Common questions

Yes, all of our pet grooming services should be scheduled in advance for an appointment. If you require a weekend appointment, we suggest calling 1 to 2 weeks in advance.  Walk-in services such as nails trimmed or filed do not require an appointment. 

All of our pet grooming services include a bath, brush out, nails trimmed, and ear cleaning.  Price is determined by breed, size, pet’s coat, and behavior.  Please feel free to stop in one of our salons with your pet to get an exact quote.

Typically we suggest that the owner does not remain in the salon during the grooming process. Most pets will react negatively and be more nervous when their owner is with them. We hope that pet owners trust us with their pets as if they were our own.  Only in special circumstances where it would be beneficial for the pet will we allow the owner to remain with them. 

Usually, the grooming service will take 2 to 3 hours for small to medium dogs and 3 to 4 1/2 hours for large dogs.  We ask that your pet is picked up within two hours of our call to let you know that they are ready to go home. 

Sometimes we need to charge an extra fee if the pet requires an express groom or more than one person to service the pet.  An express groom is required for pets 13 and older, extremely dog-aggressive dogs, and females who are in active heat. 

Yes, we do!  Cats require special handling. It is a special skill that not all groomers perform. Pricing varies according to coat length, condition, and the cat’s behavior.  Price is dependent on if the cat only receives a bath and brush, trim, or a full lion cut.  Cat services can range between $55-$120.

Cat grooming normally takes a minimum of 4hrs if they are receiving a bath because of drying time.  We will try our best to keep your cat away from the dogs in the salon, however, they are normally dried in the same room as dogs and they will see and hear them. The cats in our salon are never in direct contact with a dog. 

This really depends on the cat, coat type, and the amount of cleaning the cat does itself.  Shorthaired cats we typically recommend twice a year. Long-haired cats are groomed much more frequently and should remain mat free.  As a cat gets older it will clean itself less. Unfortunately for cats 13 years and older that are matted we suggest that you have them groomed by a veterinarian. Usually, if the hair is too matted and the skin is too thin then it is unsafe for us to groom them.

Unfortunately, we are not able to give discounts to families who have multiple pets. Usually, we like to split up the pets with different groomers to minimize the time that they are in the salon.  The time it takes to groom one dog versus three dogs remains the same for each individual dog.

If your pet has long hair then we suggest brushing your pet 1 to 2 times a week. REMEMBER!  Never brush your pet when it is dry. Doing this will break the coat and cause more matting!  We always recommend using a detangling spray or even water rather than nothing at all.  We suggest only bathing your dog once a month.  When a dog is bathed too frequently it removes necessary oils to have a healthy coat.  

All of our shampoos and conditioners are paraben and sulfate free.  We use the very best products available in the grooming industry for the pets in our care.  We have shampoos that can accommodate your pet, but you are more than welcome to bring in a prescribed shampoo from a veterinarian for your pet. 

We do offer flea baths; however, we ask that you are aware that your pet has fleas before coming into our salon. Please inform us during your appointment so that we may put your pet in the tub as soon as it arrives in our salon.  We also suggest that you schedule your appointment when you are also able to treat your home. If your pet leaves our salon and then returns to a home that has been untreated then they will become re-infested.  We also suggest that within 2 to 3 days of a flea bath you treat your dog with a preventative treatment. Sorry, we do not sell or apply flea drops. We do treat our salon every month during flea and tick season in order to not put any of the pets in our care at risk.

We do allow pets to be free in the salon when they are not being kenneled or serviced.  Our kennel-free environment is for dogs who are good with other dogs, are neutered, and feel more comfortable being out of the kennel.  If you do not want your pet to be free outside of the kennel, please inform us and we will accommodate you. We realize that some pets feel more comfortable being in a kennel and we accommodate those pets. 

Typically we will use a high-velocity dryer to dry the pets.  We usually only kennel dry for the end of the drying process, senior dogs, or pets who are too scared of the high-velocity dryer. None of our kennel dryers have heating elements and only one dryer may be on a kennel at a time.  We frequently check on the dogs in our kennel room to ensure their safety.  

We will do everything in our capabilities to keep a pet’s fur if we are able.  Only in extreme circumstances will we shave down a pet as we realize that it is not the most ideal thing for them. We do offer a wet shaving service that can help minimize any clipper irritation and usually leaves your pet a little longer. 

Actually shaving a double-coated dog does not keep them cool. A dog needs their coat in order to keep them cool during the summer months. An impacted undercoat is what will prevent a dog from being able to regulate its temperature.  A dog keeps cool by panting and sweating through the pads of their feet. We are able to do a modified short trim on these types of dogs if they are in good condition. We always suggest that any dog has about an inch of hair year-round. 

Dogs have a vein in their nails called a quick.  We do our best to trim the nail back as close to the quick as possible. Sometimes pets have longer quicks because of their breed or their age. We suggest that if you want your pet’s nails to be short then you should try to get them trimmed every 2 to 4 weeks in order to try to get the quick to recede. 

We do offer a trim option only for pets who come in every month.  Most customers come in every 6 to 8 weeks and require a full haircut. 

Usually, our final touch during a grooming process is the application of cologne.  Please let us know if you or your pet has any allergies and we will accommodate you by not applying any additional scents. 

Yes. We understand that pets sometimes do have health conditions and we will do our best to work around any pre-existing condition.  Sometimes we will suggest an express groom in order to minimize any stress that the grooming process may impose on your pet. 

We do our very best and follow specific safety procedures in order to minimize any possibility of injury.  Although it is very rare, if your pet is injured in our salon please be rest assured that we will take care of your pet as if they were our own.  We will contact you right away and give you the option to take your pet to your veterinarian. If we are unable to get a hold of you and the injury requires immediate attention, then we may take your pet to the nearest veterinarian Rau animal hospital. Our salon is insured, and we will pay or reimburse you for all veterinarian costs until your pet is fully healed. 

Typically we try to answer all phone calls during business hours. At times we are unable to get to the phone as we are servicing pets and sometimes it is unsafe for us to answer the phone.  Your phone call may also go to our voicemail system if we are on the other line speaking with another customer. We will return messages within 24 hours.  If you are unable to contact us within 48 hrs., please feel free to submit an email through our website and the owner will contact you as soon as possible!

We suggest that your puppy gets their first grooming by the time they are 4 months of age regardless of coat length. It is important that their first grooming is stress-free and is a pleasant experience for your new family member.  During your puppy’s first groom they will have a bath and brush and may be introduced to the tools that will be used while they are being groomed. We suggest a very light trim for the first grooming for long-haired pets and typically a puppy’s first groom is around $25. 

Yes, absolutely!  We actually advise you to find the right groomer for your pet. We feel that it is important for a pet to connect and trust their groomer.  When a pet has a regular groomer that takes care of them they are much more at ease and usually become excited

We ask if you are going to arrive 15 minutes past your scheduled appointment that you give us a call to let us know.  Customers who arrive 30 minutes past their appointment time may receive a $10 late fee and $10 for every 1/2hr thereafter. It is up to the groomer’s discretion if they are still able to service your pet that day or need to reschedule your appointment.  Please keep in mind that we schedule our day according to the pets scheduled for that day and we will do our best to accommodate you without inconveniencing our other appointments. 

A $25 no show/same day cancellation fee may be added on a case by case basis

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