We do offer express grooms. Express grooms are typically suggested for newly rescued pets, senior pets, and pets with health or behavior issues.  We have a nice waiting area with free Wi-Fi that you may work or relax in while your pet is being serviced. An express groom is when the stylist will service your pet straight through without working on another pet. We may give your pet a break at some point within the grooming which typically lasts around five minutes. We do ask clients to not walk behind the desk or stand next to the windows. Please keep in mind that if your pet does see you during the grooming process that it can cause more stress for your pet. Remember if you are feeling nervous or stressed then those feelings may transmit to your pet. We only ask that you trust us with your beloved family member, and we will work as quickly and safely as possible to make your pet Oh So Pretty. There is a $25 fee for an express groom service.